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change your life
through movement

Physically   Emotionally   Spiritually

About Us


New Life Movement offers yoga therapy classes and yoga fitness to help you move through challenges & create sustainable changes in your life.

All classes are specifically choreographed using yoga flow sequences and breathing

techniques that show you how to unwind from a fight/flight state and transition the

nervous system into a restful and repairing state.

Yoga therapy classes can be instrumental in healing burnout, anxiety, depression, eating

disorders, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and complex trauma.

Yoga fitness can be gentle with a focus on stretching and mobilising of joints but it can also be high energy and involve using dumbbells and plyometric exercises (quick, powerful movements). 


Being so diverse in nature means whatever you are seeking within your health and wellness journey is absolutely possible through regular practise.

That is the beauty of yoga!

Read more about New Life Movement and

Beverley Randall, owner and yoga therapist / teacher.

Contact me to find out if Yoga Therapy Classes or Yoga Fitness are right for you.

yoga is movement that creates stillness



Claire K

Beverley has an uncanny way of making yourself present and aware of your body both physically and mentally within the first 15 minutes.

She knows how far to push you and one quickly learns where the body is stiff or equally flexible. She is happy to adapt the lesson to your wishes and regularly checks in to your needs. One can see her years of expertise and willingness to share her knowledge. I always like coming out of the session feeling lighter in mood and enlightened.
I would highly recommend Beverley as a personal yoga instructor.  

Nikki & Richard Horton

A big shout out to Beverley Randall, great friend, personal trainer, and yoga teacher extraordinaire! Intense yoga twice a week at home for the past year has been a life-changer. Thanks so much, Bev. We are so happy to have met you!

Vicki Lips

I found Bev (New Life Movement Yoga) on Facebook a few months ago! I have been going through a trauma for quite a while and also suffer from a bad back. I thought her style of yoga might help me mentally and physically. I had never done yoga before and on our first meeting, I found Bev calming, positive, excellent, and professional in her field of yoga and just a lovely person. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!

Flavia Di Marco Hunn

“When I say this lady changed my life, oh boy didn’t she just!

She understood me and helped me get strength and the focus when I needed it the most.

Her yoga helped me build strength when I thought I had none.

Beverley’s strength, focus, kindness, and energy makes her yoga session so unique.

Forever grateful to you Bev for your support and being simply the most awesome inspiring Yoga teacher I have ever had!”

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New Life Movement

Change is easy.

Maintaining change is where the real challenge lies.

The reason why so many of us fail is we lack the emotional resilience required to maintain

the changes we are implementing in our lives.


Rose Bay, Sydney Australia

Thank you!

I will be in touch soon

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