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Why are bad habits so hard to kick?

We have all been there before - made a big commitment to break a habit, we are doing great and BAM it's back!

But not only has the behaviour returned - it has brought with it demoralising feelings of failure and shame - which feeds into the cycle we are trapped in.

🙄😒 Why does this keep happening?

Some reasons could include:

You and the behaviour have a long history together.

You enter into a particularly stressful time.

Your social circle continue with the said behaviour.

You get bored.

You have not addressed the underlying problem that caused you to engage in the behaviour.

You have not acquired skills in developing your emotional resilience.

Most studies quote 2 to 3 months to change a behaviour.

I believe true change can take much longer - a year or more depending on how long you were living with the behaviour.

Let's use the example of drinking.

If you choose to quit - this could involve changing your social circle, finding 'drink free' activities to do over the weekend that you enjoy and can develop.

That alone takes time.

When deciding to change a behaviour - be realistic about what's involved, set short as well as long term goals - goals that are a year away.

You will feel a lot more committed with a plan in place - which will then allow you to focus in the present.

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